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In 2012, PT Services Rehabilitation, Inc., is celebrating its 40th anniversary. What began in 1972 with a small group of physical therapists has grown into a Tiffin-based company with over 250 employees and numerous locations in Ohio, Michigan and Iowa.
“P.T. Services Rehabilitation, Inc., has transformed over the past 40 years with changes and regulations that have occurred in the healthcare industry,” said Mark Somodi, Ph.D., FACHE, Executive Director and Administrator of P.T. Services.
As it has grown, P.T. Services Rehabilitation, Inc., has endeavored to remain patient-focused and committed to excellence in healthcare. The company now provides physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech-language pathology, and athletic training services.
“Many programs focus on community need, from pediatric to geriatric care and all possible rehabilitation services in between,” said Somodi. P.T. Services is also the exclusive provider of sports medicine services in most of the communities it serves. Within Seneca County, P.T. Services offers physical, occupational and speech therapy, and athletic training services for local residents through Optima Rehabilitation Services, a joint venture between P.T. Services and Mercy Tiffin Hospital.
Company-wide, P.T. Services operates ten outpatient clinics in Ohio, and is the therapy provider at five Ohio hospitals, including Memorial Hospital of Fremont, Community Health Partners in Lorain, Morrow County Hospital in Mt. Gilead, Mercy Hospital at the Defiance Clinic, and Mercy Tiffin Hospital (through Optima Rehab.). P.T. Services staffs and manages the hospitals in Sturgis, Mich., and Keokuk, Iowa., and three physician-owned physical therapy practices in Ohio have formed partnerships with P.T. Services to be the therapy provider for their patients.
P.T. Services Rehabilitation, Inc. is dedicated to providing each patient with the best rehabilitation experience, and helping people improve their ability to function in their daily lives. The company refers to this comprehensive, patient-focused approach as Excellence in Motion, and it’s what sets the company apart as “a progressive and innovative provider of rehab services,” said Somodi.
When P.T. Services was first incorporated in 1972, its six therapists were practicing at outpatient clinics in Tiffin and Findlay, and at St. Francis Rehabilitation in Green Springs. A corporate headquarters for the company was opened in Tiffin in 1978, where management and support staff provided day-to-day business operations. The company grew steadily, and, in 1986, General Electric executive Larry Adelsperger joined P.T. Services as a part-owner and executive director. In 1989, P.T. Services moved its corporate office to its current location at 2550 S. SR 100, Tiffin.
As P.T. Services continued to grow, occupational, speech-language pathology, and athletic training services were added, and the joint venture between P.T. Services and Mercy Tiffin Hospital, known as Optima Rehabilitation, was formed in 1997.
In June of 2003, Mark Somodi was named the company’s executive director, and, after a corporate restructuring in 2005, the company’s name was formalized as P.T. Services Rehabilitation, Inc. In 2006, the P.T. Services logo was added, as well as its marketing slogan, “Excellence in Motion.” A stock purchase in 2007 secured P.T. Services’ ownership by Michael Herbert, PT, and Larry Adelsperger.
In 2011, PT Services made an innovative change from being a privately held company to operating as an ESOP corporation. An ESOP, or Employee Stock Ownership Plan, is “very different for health care services,” said Somodi, and gives employees the ability and capability to basically own their own business. Essentially, an ESOP is a trust with assets that are divided into individual accounts, and enables employees to share in the wealth they share in creating.Being part of an ESOP is a “huge opportunity for young therapists,” Somodi said, allowing each employee to think and feel as owners as they strive for company growth. There are very few ESOP rehabilitation companies in the United States, said Somodi, and the change has allowed PT Services to experience an easy transition from its previous ownership.
PT Services is trend-setting as it begins operating as an ESOP company, and the growth it experiences in the future will be a reflection of the abilities, commitment and enterprise of PT Services’ employees.
As P.T. Services looks beyond 40 years, Somodi said, “our company will continue to grow and further our clinical capabilities to meet the needs of the communities we serve.” P.T. Services’ concentration on providing quality care and a dedicated and empathetic staff will continue to ensure that P.T.’s patients achieve their highest level of physical functioning, for lives that exhibit Excellence in Motion.

Excellence In Motion

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